ONLINE AUCTIONS Selling properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

By utilising cutting edge technology and user experience, our online auctions offer a modern and easily accessible way to buy and sell property, quickly and securely with ease. iamsold specialise in online auctions and our secure and user-friendly interface provides a flexible way to buy and sell, replicating the excitement of live, in-room bidding.

Every Auction is bespoke and offers the following benefits:

  • No upfront cost for sellers to enter a property
  • Fixed start and end dates
  • Transparency with detailed information available upfront
  • Online bidder registration process
  • Convenient online bidding from any location
  • Automated bidding tool allowing buyers to set a maximum bid
  • Track and view previous bids with real-time updates
  • Fixed timeframes to complete a sale
  • Automatic signing of contract for sale or reservation form

Our combination of technology and marketing exposure gives the perfect balance to selling your property fast, and at a fair market value.